COLLaboration is the new competition.

Mainstream marketers’ influencer methods don’t serve niche communities. Heavy-handed demands discredit influencers. Inauthentic content alienates consumers. Brands end up looking forced and disconnected from the people they’re aiming to inspire. You deserve better.

Animas Media is the solution to this problem. We're not a SAAS tool. We're not a self-serve influencer marketplace. We do more than just pay-per-post deals—we build relationships. We cultivate authentic collaboration between brands and influencers, built upon the genuine desire to see each other succeed.


A few of our Clients:

As outdoor enthusiasts, we genuinely care about the outdoors and look for opportunities to collaborate with brands and organizations on projects that help make the world a better place

Our drive comes from sharing our love for the outdoors with others and helping the community thrive.

The whole process has been a great success. What really stood out was that Animas Media was able to handle virtually all aspects of the campaign. They kept the project concise, on the rails, and most importantly they hit the target. Well done!
— Addison Nanney, Marketing Coordinator, UCO