Below is a summary of a successful social media influencer project Animas Media created for outdoor brand UCO. To see all the insights and details, you can download the complete case study here


UCO, an iconic outdoor brand founded in 1971, introduced a line of rechargeable LED lanterns aimed at outdoor enthusiasts. UCO needed a marketing solution that introduced their new line, educated consumers on its benefits, and boosted signups for their email list, a program which delivered long-term benefit to the company and its customers.

We partnered with UCO on a social media influencer campaign that used editorial content and social posts as the primary levers to increase awareness, foster consideration, and drive new email subscriptions for UCO.



We began by gaining an understanding of UCO's target audience. Then, we identified lifestyle communities whose unique lighting applications were addressed by the Elevated Light products. These interest groups included vanlife, outdoor cooking/culinary, and photography enthusiasts. 

We selected influencers in each of these three interest groups based on both qualitative and quantitative factors. Where's My Office Now became our vanlifers, Fresh Off the Grid represented the culinary crowd, and Jeff Bartlett brought his photography chops. 

They were chosen for having editorial voice and content that aligned with the theme of the campaign, as well as having highly-engaged audiences that matched UCO's ideal customer. This ensured the influencers' followers were among the most highly engaged members of the campaign's target interest groups.


Equipped with an array of rechargeable UCO lanterns, the crew did what they do best - create compelling content demonstrating how UCO's product complements their lifestyle. Each influencer used the Elevated Light product to create a how-to post for their audiences - delivering value to their followers. 

The campaign was built to be full-funnel, supporting the entire customer journey from awareness to consideration to conversion (defined as email opt-in). There were three primary components:

  • Grassroots Editorial Content - Highlight product, demonstrate benefits, drive email subscriptions based on genuine interest.

  • Social Media Promotion - Reach and engage Influencers’ large audiences. Introduce

    product, drive traffic to blog posts.

  • Email Signup Incentive - Blog posts contained custom built opt-in form to capture emails addresses, enter users in a giveaway, and provide a discount code.



The 4-week social influencer campaign's primary KPI was new email signups. Social metrics were also tracked. The campaign over-delivered on all KPI. 

  • 138% of email signup goal

  • 728K social reach

  • 15.4K social engagements

This one-month campaign delivered 28% of UCO's annual email signup goal, in a single month.


When working with social media influencers and micro influencers, focused strategy can outperform massive scale. Here, our strategy was to go deep instead of broad, working with a few key micro influencers who the target audience knew, liked and trusted. We created numerous measurable touch points on a customer journey from awareness to consideration to conversion. 

"Animas Media kept the project concise, on the rails, and most importantly they hit the target," said Addison Nanney, UCO's Marketing Coordinator. "It was really helpful that they already had relationships in place to help us expose the market to new products while also gathering emails from genuinely interested consumers. The whole process has been a great success."

Want all the details? Click below to download the complete case study: